Litigation Consulting

We inform claimants with commercial litigation disputes and their Solicitors how to compare all the cost and risk options available to support the litigation. Our comprehensive (yet easy to follow and understand) report gives you a good insight as to how much you will get to keep if you win, and how much it could cost you if you lose… learn more

Litigation Funding

We help solicitors and their clients obtain non-recourse funding if a third party investment is required for a client to proceed with their litigation. In the event of a ‘win’, the Funder requires their money back plus a return on their investment; in the event of a ‘loss’, the Funder loses their money and the client should have no liability to the Funder… learn more

Litigation Finance

We source finance for legal disputes where the amount of damages that the litigant is claiming from their opponent is more than the amount of finance sought to be borrowed. Finance is more affordable than funding (costing only the interest charged on the loan), but it is recourse finance (so the loan has to be repaid regardless of the outcome)… learn more

After the Event (ATE) Insurance

We arrange After the Event (ATE) Insurance policies on behalf of Solicitors, to protect their clients against the costs associated with unsuccessful civil litigation – opponent’s costs, own disbursements and (possibly) solicitor’s fees. The premium is usually deferred until case conclusion, and only payable following a successful outcome… learn more

Pension Trustee Liability (PTL) Insurance

We act as broker in arranging Pension Trustee Liability (PTL) Insurance to protect Pension Funds and their Trustees against claims made by third parties for a variety of matters involving the actions of the Trustees to the Pension Fund. We can also provide cover for Overlooked Beneficiaries where a fund has been or is being wound-up… learn more